Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sexiest jobs in America?

According to a poll taken by, these are the sexiest jobs in America:

-Firefighter (Nobody ever mentions professional arsonists or pyromaniacs as sexy!)
-Flight Attendant (Must have something to do with those little bags of peanuts)
-CEO (Donald Trump: sex symbol )
-Reporter (This ought to be #1. It's got celebrity status, money, & occasionally, danger.)
-Interior Designer (House painters and construction workers again fail to make the list!)
-Event Planner (The people who clean up afterwards? Not listed!)
-Nurse (Because nothing says "sexy" like changing out soiled sheets and bedpans!)
-Teacher (Here we go! I suppose "Crusty Old Testament Professor" was too specific.)
-Doctor (Dr Frankenstein. Dr Jekyll. Dr Doom. All very sexy, apparently.)
-Lawyer (All the permutations of "Law & Order" keep this one on the list, but do criminals and scofflaws--without whom, lawyers would be scarce--make the list? No!)
-Veterinarian (Dr Doolittle?) continues:
We also found out, based on a large number of write-in votes; that you don't necessarily have to be a firefighter to be driving around all day putting out old flames. Some of the most popular write-in votes included dental hygienist, pilot, marine, police officer, physical therapist, chef, and high level executive jobs for women. And if your job wasn't listed, don't give up yet! There are people out there who mentioned these jobs as sexy: parcel deliverers, CPAs, electrical line workers, radiological technologists...and of course, the proverbial "milkman."

And minister? Where is that? Despite the apparent sex appeal of fellas like Jim Bakker & Jimmy Swaggart in the 80s & 90s, no one's listing "minister" among the sexiest jobs of 2006!

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