Monday, August 28, 2006

Search No More!

From the fevered mind that brought you such classics as:

Flag Football for Earthworms
Lightbulb Jokes for Amish Folks
Chicken Soup for the Chicken Soul and its hit sequel,
Chicken Soup for the Sole
Nothing Dentured, Nothing Gained: Weight Loss for Senior Citizens

comes this next must-have for your Christmas list!
Of course, if you're a regular reader here at ICFAB, you probably wouldn't apply the N-word to yourself. So, buy it for that clueless n*rm*l in your life, and gain some understanding for your hobby! With chapters like, "Is he serious?", "What's that supposed to mean?", and "What's that I smell burning ?", this book is a sure-fire gift for your next gift-giving occasion!

Reserve your copy today from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe Bookshoppe!

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