Friday, October 06, 2006

Sukkot begins today

The Jewish holiday called Sukkot, "shelters/ lean-tos" is a reminder of the period in Jewish history just after the Exodus, when God's people lived in temporary shelters for 40 years in desert.
It is celebrated by building a "sukkah," the singular of "sukkot," and at least eating your meals there during the 8 days of the festival--though in warmer climates, one can even sleep in them. The command in Leviticus 23 is to "live" in them. These outdoor shelters have branches laid on top for a roof, and must allow some sky to peek through. The sukkot are often highly decorated with gourds, ears of corn, and other autumn decorations.

Christians would do well at this time of year to remember that John opens his gospel by telling us that "the Word" became flesh and "pitched his tent/sukkah" with us. Furthermore, we are reminded that we, ourselves, are the sukkot for God's Holy Spirit, as he dwells in us!

Happy Sukkot!

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