Monday, December 11, 2006

Recent lack of humor

I know that I haven't been all that funny lately, and I think I probably owe you all an explanation. I have lost my sense of humor. The part of my cerebral cortex that registers comedy was accidentally removed in a recent surgery.

I was quite animatedly involved in a philosophical argument 2 weeks ago, and I got so worked up that I was foaming at the mouth. And my refusal of offers of a glass of water in favor of my own very strong coffee was interpreted as hydrophobia. Naturally(?), the folks I was in an argument with put the pieces together and assumed I must have rabies. (I did seem barking mad, at the time.)

Of course, the only way to really test for rabies is to remove the head of the suspect animal and examine the brain. Since I was the "animal" in question, they removed my head, discovered I didn't have rabies, and sewed it back onto my neck a little straighter than it had ever been before.

Somewhere in the process, I lost my sense of humor. I am taking experimental humor supplements in hopes that my gray matter may grow back, or at least re-wire itself, as the brain so often does when injury occurs. Please pardon the lack of comedic elements in my post until I regain my sense of humor. Thank you.

Today's supplement? The humor of surrealism.

Are you sure you you know all the words to Ma'oz Tsur?


Diesel said...

You might want to cut back on the supplements.

Allen said...

Thanks for your concern, solar-powered Pez dispenser!