Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Winter Meditation for Sunday

Prayer of Repentance Amidst the Melting Snow
Jan 19, 2001

O Lord please forgive me, for I have become as a winter day.
The icy cold of my heart has made me numb.
I have pulled a glistening blanket of snow over myself,
So that I appear pure and bright and shimmering.
This wintry blanket with which I shield myself
Hides the truth of underneath.
Beneath my clean white exterior lies
Shriveled, brownish-yellow death,
So much like Pharisaic white-tomb souls:
Full of spiritual dead men’s bones.
Shine on me, Glorious Sun of Righteousness!
Burn away the clouds and haze of my inconsistencies,
And melt away my hypocritical facade!
Expose the decayed witherment of my true self,
That the growth of spring may come.

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