Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crummy Church Signs Book Release Party!

Today a new book releases from Humor-Blogs.com! It is entitled Crummy Church Signs Volume 1 (2004 - 2007). Taken as a "Best of..." from the popular Crummy Church Signs website, this book includes pictures of some of the worst church signs you'll ever see (poor grammar, bad theology, silly jokes, etc) along with the author's hilariously snarky commentary!

The best part is... I'm in the book! A sign and review I submitted (maybe several, I haven't seen it yet) was used in the book, but don't let that frighten you away. This stuff is guaranteed hilarious.

For a limited time only, the book is $10.99 with free shipping, and the author will autograph it! After Nov. 6, the price will rise to $12.99 plus shipping (and no autograph), so be sure to place your order now. VISIT THE HUMOR-BLOGS.COM STORE NOW and place your order! The book is 178 coffee-table sized pages, and contains church signs from over 35 states and several different countries. In case my word isn't enough, see what these other folks have said about Crummy Church Signs :

"There's an enormous amount of amusing material in there" -ThinkChristian.net

"Seriously, I think Crummy Church Signs has the highest laugh-to-word-count ratio of any site I've come across" -Diesel from Mattress Police, author of Antisocial Commentary

"...try not to laugh until you cry." - Ironic Catholic

"This stuff is dadburn funny!" - Crotchety Old Guy, aka Allen's Brain

"Whenever I am tempted towards the cute in formulating a message for our church sign, I find myself asking "What Would Joel Say?" His blog provides great entertainment, but more importantly it provides a reminder that the message is an important one." - Rev. Wes Kenney

The author, Joel Bezaire, is also donating ALL of his proceeds to Compassion, a charitable organization that places underpriveleged kids with sponsors around the world. So not only will you enjoy the book, some of that money is going to a great cause!
Buy the book! Visit the website!


The Ironic Catholic said...

Got any guacamole here? Joel ran out.

So, when is the Gospel according to Melvin coming out? ;)

Allen said...

Um, I think that might be guacamole in that bowl over there. It's some kind of mole, anyway.

The Melvin manuscript is in pretty rough condition, but translators are steadily working on it. Oddly, we've just found a passage about carving large, yellowish gourds and putting candles in them. I personally suspect the work of a redactor. I call him "J" for Jack-o-lantern.

Diesel said...

Congrats to Joel! I'm looking forward to getting my copy.