Friday, October 19, 2007

It's About Time!

Arranging marriages is hard enough on its own. Why spoil it with inferior match-makings that don’t honor God? That’s why there’s! is a new, Bible-based internet match site for those who realize that God’s ways are the best ways. The marriage arranger compiles a list of questions with specific answers in mind that will permit him or her to divine the will of God and thus choose the proper mate for the eligible parties whom they are serving. Community members are encouraged to make their questions—or at least the answers--as outrageous and cryptic as possible, so as to narrow the choices to just one: the right one!
(Presently, there are 35 posts of “Give me a drink,” 19 with “Who is your father?” and 8 with “I know you’re a Philistine girl, but have you seen my boy Samson?”

To join WaterMyCamels, send your contact information to the webmaster,
Genesis 15:2; 24:1-67
Judges 14:1-4

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