Monday, January 21, 2008

MLKj's B-Day!!! OMG!!! LOL!!!

Since this is the day in which we celebrate the life of St Martin II of Luther-King, I wanted to do something in keeping with his life's work and teachings. I know my blog doesn't appeal to everybody, and there are certainly some folks that I don't get along with because they are different from me. So, in the interest of the equity and diversity exhibited by St Jr, I want to make my blog more readable to LOLCat Americans. While I do not understand a group who think that pictures of cats with barely literate captions on them is the height of their cultural expression, I don't want to stop them from coming here to read my blog.

So... with that in mind, click here to translate my blog into LOLCat.

Or, click here to do the same with your favorite website, should it not happen to be mine.

Thanks to Gospel of the Living Dead for enlightening me to this!

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