Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Peeps to get religious makeover next year

New York - "I was sitting there in church last Sunday, and suddenly it hit me. The religious aspect of Easter is important to a lot of people, and JustBorn has been ignoring that!" says David Shaffer, co-president of candy company JustBorn, maker of the very popular Peeps marshmallow treats. "For the people in the pews, marshmallow chicks and bunnies and eggs just aren't what this season is about."

Fans of Peeps should prepare to see more faith-friendly products next spring, says Shaffer. "White marshmallow crosses are already in the works; maybe some other colors as well. Then there's the chocolate tombs--that's still being worked out, but we already did the chick in the egg. This won't be that different. Maybe a marshmallow stone for the door."

Shaffer says they're shopping around the idea of getting into making wafers for the Eucharist, "But there's really no bread in them, so it's been a hard sell."

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