Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Second Annual Preacher Flog

This Sunday, in conjunction with Memorial Day weekend, Cornland Christian Church is holding their second annual "Preacher Flog."

"We had tried a dunk tank in past years, but that wasn't nearly as exciting, I guess," remarked CCC minister, Allen Z'brain.

Instead, church members are permitted to heap verbal abuse on Allen and beat him with pool toys called "noodles" or cardboard tubes from the inside of gift wrap rolls.

"It's only fair," quipped member Sam Francisco. "He spends the rest of the year beating us up on Sundays."

One member who refused to be named added, "Most of us are saying this stuff behind his back, anyway. It's good to be able to get it out in the open!"

"The beating doesn't really hurt that much," said Allen, "and I think it's probably therapeutic for some to air their grievances against me. I've gotten some great constructive feedback--and some really hurtful comments as well. But," he laughs, "I probably deserved them!"

For a small fee, non-members can join in the preacher flog as well.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Pictures! We want pictures!

Allen's Brain said...

Boy! You threaten to shoot somebody one time...

Allen's Brain said...

Incidentally, googling for pictures of "flogging" turns up some less-than-edifying imagery!