Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scott Nickel is stalking me!

I'm a fan of the Eek! comic strip. Imagine my surprise when I went to look at it today, and found this!

A brain in a jar . . . named Allen?

Scott Nickel: another cartoonist who is stalking me--again!


Type4You/PaperSmyth said...

That's why I don't have my own blog--all the good ideas will be ripped off and there will be no recourse. (Glad you left a comment on their page; good on ya!)

The Ironic Catholic said...

That's just freaky.

Or the Holy Spirit.

Scott Nickel said...


I wasn't ripping Allen off. Just wanted to give him (and his big brain) a shout out!

Hollaback, now!

Scott "EEK!" Nickel

Allen's Brain said...

Scott, Thanks for stopping by! I didn't think you were trying to rip me off. It just cracked me up. Hope you don't mind me posting an occasional Eek! strip, always with a link to your site.

You're welcome to the Jack Bauer line, btw.

Scott Nickel said...


Feel free to post and link to as many EEK! strips as you like.

EEK! is the thinking man (or brain's) strip about monsters, zombies, Satan, teenage pop stars and all things evil.