Tuesday, May 05, 2009

On This Day In History...

1862 - Mexican supply ship, the S.S. Mayo, is fired upon and sunk by French forces during the Battle of Puebla. Despite this setback, the starving Mexican army fights and defeats a much larger and better-equipped French army.

The victory is celebrated by the eating of traditional Mexican foods and--apropos of a sunken ship--the drinking of salty alcoholic beverages.

Cinco de Mayo translates, of course, into "Sinking of the Mayo."

Some Sephardic Jews celebrate this day as a kind of "second Passover." During the meal, they dip tortillas (in lieu of matzoh) into mayonnaise five times. They also add a 5th son to the wise, wicked, simple, and immature sons. The hungry son asks, "When do we eat?"

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!