Friday, July 10, 2009

Persepctives in Interplanetary Evangelism, Pt 2

What image does your church project to outsiders?

Do you have parking problems? Not enough space? Perhaps an awkward-shaped lot or an insufficient number of parking attendants? This may drive away nervous first-timers.

Insects seem to invade even the best-kept buildings. Does your church building have a pest problem?

For many, comfort is of optimum importance to the worship experience. Is your building too warm in the winter months? Is your air conditioner freezing out people in the summer?

Finally, what about the members of your congregation? Are they pleasant and outgoing? Do they welcome new people to your service? Oftentimes, visitors craving community are just looking for a friendly face.

Next time, part 3 in our series: What are visitors seeking at my church?

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