Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Brain’s Science Project, or, Why they don’t let me judge the Science Fair

Assignment: Create a diorama of a deep ocean habitat. Identify and describe 5 organisms in that habitat.

The group of fish in the middle is called a school. If you look carefully, maybe you can spot their bus.

The large, black, bat-like creatures with the long tails are called stingrays. The one with the white stripe down its back is a stink-ray.
No, wait! Those aren’t rays! One of them is named Frank.
Actually, they are a pair of skates. They have migrated from the Arctic ocean. They’re a pair of ice skates.

In the left corner of the diorama is a crab. He’s in the corner, because he’s in time-out for being crabby–and crusty. Next to the crab is a yellow sponge named Bob.
I wanted to include sea horses in this habitat. Look over to the right. See? Horses!
The small, purple blobs trailing long tendrils are jellyfish. These particular ones are purple, because they are grape jelly fish.
The pink, five-pointed organism may look familiar to you, because he's been in several films. He's a movie starfish.
The deep ocean is home to many different kinds of whales. The kind featured here is a wishing whale.
And what do all of these creatures eat? Well, it's actually quite impossible to starve on the ocean floor, because of all the sand which is there. If you don't care for sandwiches, the Golden Coral (the yellowish, knobby thing in the back) has a fine buffet. And for dessert? Salt water taffy.

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