Friday, August 19, 2011

The Apostles Are "Poor Financial Role Models," Says Expert

Financial advisor and pastor Reverend Benny Bincher says that, when it comes to managing money, Jesus and his disciples were not good examples.

"Generally, they are great folks to pattern your life after, but when it comes to money, they are very poor financial role models. Jesus had no home, and probably little else besides the clothes on his back. He and the apostles were utterly dependent upon the charity of others to meet their needs.

"In the ancient world, there was no welfare system or public aid. Long days of hard work were the only way to keep you and your family from starving. And what do they do? These fishermen and tax-collectors and whatever-else QUIT THEIR JOBS to follow Jesus--a guy who had nothing to offer them in terms of pay. These were men with families--wives and kids!

"I mean--can you imagine? Quitting your job in THIS economy? Who's gonna feed their families? Not the government--that's for sure! It all just seems very financially irresponsible! I guess the advice I would offer young people today is, 'Follow Jesus, but don't quit your day job.' "

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