Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful Turkey

This construction paper turkey is a fun project for the kiddies this Thanksgiving. Need a craft project for your lesson on thankfulness? Got some bored munchkins at your holyday feast? Here ya go.

The original plan was that young people could write things they were thankful for on each feather.

Included are jpg files of all the parts required so you can print them out. They are sized for 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of paper. In other words, if your construction paper sheets, like mine, are 9' x 12", you'll need to trim them down -- if your printer, like mine, can't handle that size.
turkey bodies
turkey feathers
turkey beaks & some more feathers
turkey wattles & some feathers
It's helpful to have a sheet of paper to paste it all onto. Probably should glue the tail feathers on to the sheet first, and then the body on top of it.

Whether you glue the beak & wattle on the potato-like body before or after probably doesn't matter. The beak overlaps the wattle a little bit.

The pictured eyes are plastic wiggle-eyes, but you could also just draw them on.

I found that drawing the head helps keep it from looking like some sort of creepy blowfish or carnivorous baked potato.

For those celebrating Thanksgivukkah...


hmsnow.novelist said...

Wouldn't that be an omnivorous baked potato? Turkeys eat anything they can fit in their mouths. I like it, though-- an omnivorous potato with a side of mixed vegetables. It's a race between whether you get to eat your meal, or your meal eats itself.

Allen's Brain said...

Omnivorous tubers, the reason that we must eat GMOs -- so they don't eat us first.
"I am thankful this year that I got a few bites OF food, rather than FROM food."
Perhaps you could make extra stuffing to keep the appetite of your meal at bay. And keep the ladle handy to scald it with gravy, should it not behave.