Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Day, Sunshine... Award.

The delightful Miss Mary O'Regan at The Path Less Taken has bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award, for being inspiring, or was it for curing neuropraxia? I can't remember. Accepting the award requires that I divulge ten things about myself. Also that I tag ten other bloggers. I promised to do the former while evading the latter (and the ladder, which is quite in my way today.)

Onward now to my favorite subject: Me!

I. It was just revealed to me that you can access the Brain Lab with a "" on the end, in lieu of my accustomed ".com" ending. (Did I promise that these would be exciting? Did I promise they would be interesting? Did I promise I would wander far afield from the topic at hand?)

II. Although I was located via a list of Catholic bloggers -- I'm not Catholic. But, I am a reader of -- and read by -- a number of Catholic bloggers. I can think of worse groups to be associated with. (“Think of”? Heck! I'm a member of such groups!) I’m a small-c catholic.

III. I adore coffee. If I switch careers, I’d like to do something that lets me brew, serve, and drink coffee. And sell St Espressus of Java - related products.

IV. Those captcha widget things that say “Prove you’re not a robot” make me laugh, because I wonder how successfully I could prove that in real life. I’ve never been asked to do so, but plenty of my acquaintances have accused me of it. Non-emotive introvert? That’s me.

V. I’ve become quite fond of classic “pulp” fiction stories & magazines. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ work and The Spider are two favorites.

VI. On a related note, I do proofreading work on pulp etexts for This means I get PAID (in store credit) to read pulp magazines!

VII. My other dream career would involve editing/proofreading full-time.

VIII. Hawaiian/Aloha shirts. Love them. I own 10 or 11. I’m not really a collector, though, since I’m not worried about keeping them in pristine, mint condition. I wear them. I have one on today, as a matter of fact, to celebrate the temperature outside reaching a mark above freezing. sells great quality, comparatively-inexpensive Hawaiian shirts. You know, in case you have a crazy uncle who’s difficult to shop for.

IX. Let me tell you about my wife and children. I have none. (Well, that didn’t take long.) And, yes, I’m straight – despite the possible red herring about the Hawaiian shirts.

X. My latest fiction piece, aside from here, can be found in the comments section here. It was a ten-minute, off-the-cuff thing based on the three french hens from the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

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Mary O'Regan said...

Great post, Allen! Love the way you took the title from a Paul McCartney ditty, good on you for keeping it British!

I picked your blog because it is humorous and I have great regard for people who grow their funny bone.

I'm adding your blog to my blog-list, but don't feel you have to add mine to yours. Mine is not strictly a humour blog, but a place for me to post my journalism.

I'll keep in mind that you are a proof-reader - and a good one at that!

Warmest Wishes,