Sunday, April 09, 2006

Allen Has Brain Dead Moment; No One Notices

Have you ever had one of those brain dead moments? You know, where you planned to say or do something, and then walk off and completely forget to do it? Aha! I thought so! That's an early warning sign of dementia, dear reader! Get to a neurologist immediately!
I'm kidding, of course, but this latest attack of brain death was time-sensitive. That which I forgot to deliver to my folks at Cornland this Sunday will be out of date by next Sunday!
Due to the fact that we tend to celebrate the "triumphal entry" and then Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday, we often overlook the events that took place during the rest of that week. To aid in closing that gap, I had bulletin inserts ready for this Sunday. They would have been as follows (If you want to print one up and use it this week, by all means, do so!)

Suggested Readings and Reflections For Holy Week

Monday, April 10th
Mark 11:12-19 Read the text 3 times. Notice which word or words stand out for you. In what way is the fig tree like the temple? What do you think Jesus is saying to us today?

Tuesday, April 11th
This is the longest and busiest day in Mark’s narrative, spanning almost three chapters. Try to spread your reading out through the day. Take your time. Where do you see yourself in these readings? Why? Pick out a word or phase to ponder.

Mark 11:20-25 Mark 12:18-27
Mark 11:27-33 Mark 12:28-34
Mark 12:1-12 Mark 12:35-44
Mark 12:13-17 Mark 13:1-4

Wednesday, April 12th
Mark 14:1-11 How does the woman’s action (v.3) strike you: Bold, extravagant, wasteful or honoring and thoughtful? How was her action justified by Jesus (vv.6-9) and used by Judas (vv. 10-11)? What beautiful thing would you like to do for Jesus that some might see as wasteful? What is the most beautiful, touching thing you have ever seen one person do for another? What is the most beautiful, touching thing another person has ever done for you?

Thursday, April 13th Maundy Thursday – from the Latin for “commandment” (Jn 13:31-35)
How have these passages informed your faith? What do they say about Jesus, his relationship with his disciples and with us?
Mark 14:12-16 – Finding a place for the Passover meal
Mark 14:17-25 – The Institution of the Lord’s Supper
Mark 14:26-52 – Peter’s Denial Foretold, Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane, Betrayal & Arrest
Mark 14:53-65 – Jesus before the Council
Mark 14:66-72 – Peter Denial

Good Friday, April 14th
Mark’s tells the story of Good Friday in three hour intervals. As is possible, read each passage: Choose a word or phase in each reading to pray with.
Mark 15:1-21 (from 6 to 9 am)
Mark 15:22-32 (from 9am to 12noon)
Mark 15:33 (from noon to 3pm)
Mark 15:34-41 (from 3 pm to 6pm)
Mark 15:42-47 (6pm & the burial of Jesus)

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