Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Zebras on Broadway, Zoo Directors Mortified

I went to have a chat with Jeff Snell at Lincoln Christian Seminary about their DMin program today. Probably not gonna pursue that. It's kind of not really in the direction I'm headed. However, as education becomes more mentor-related, a PhD may actually widen the gap with students, rather than narrow it. Darn! Much to consider yet.

When the Pink Panther remake (with Steve Martin) came out a while back, stores offered a 5 disc dvd set of Pink Panther cartoons. I snatched that up readily. When I was visiting my 2-yr-old nephew Jonah, I popped in one of the discs. He ate it up! (metaphorically speaking) Loved it!
I was kinda surprised, actually. I figured the all-pantomime approach would be helpful in closing the gap, but I also knew that the humor would be way beyond him. AND it's minimalist two-dimensional animation! Most of the shows he really likes that are geared to him have puppets or 3-d computer animation.
Jonah would watch one episode of "Panther," roar along with the MGM lion, and say a teletubbby-esque "Again!" Of course, in a moment, the next cartoon would be on, and he'd be glued once more!
What can I say? The show's a classic, with qualities that apparently appeal to a wide range of ages. Whatever it is, Jonah and his folks still have my Pink Panther collection! Enjoy, kids!

Listening to: The sound of tap-dancing zebras

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