Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ask a silly question...

Yeah, I know. No post on Monday. Getting the last minute stuff done before camp next week.
Tonight is the library board meeting. I may actually make it to this one!

And now it's time for "Ask A Silly Question."
Q: Can I borrow a cup of sugar from you, please? And while you're in the kitchen, I don't suppose you would have a bowl of chicken soup going free, would you? It would save me having to trouble you twice.
A: Would you like some crackers with that?
Actually, why don't you come on in? It's almost dinner time, and I just happen to be making soup! Now, if you'll just sit in that big cast iron pot of water on the fire there, I'll be back with your sugar in a moment!
Source(s): "How To Serve Your Fellow Man: A Cannibal Cookbook," by Yul Ooktastie, Ch 1: "Dining Etiquette"

Listening to: Bob Thompson, "The Sound of Speed"

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