Friday, July 07, 2006


VBS prep continues. Nothing particularly interesting to mention about all of that.
The library got Don Miller's new book, Owning A Dragon, in yesterday. Haven't had a chance to crack it open yet.

A few years back, some charity or other got a group of authors together to write what they called "Drabble." They were stories of 100 words or less, title not included. It's a worthwhile writing exercise for working at vocabulary and brevity. ("Brevity: wit's soul.")
When I read about Drabble, I attempted it myself. Not particularly good, but perhaps entertaining--and blessedly short. They might make fun postcards or something. A sampling...

"I'm telling you the truth, gentlemen! Math is pure science. It doesn't lie!"
"So this equation of yours really proves the impossibility of any other intelligent life in the universe, Mr Franklin?"
"That's precisely what I'm saying! When you consider the probable number of stars in the universe capable of supporting systems of their own, and then figure in the probability of any of those systems having a planet capable of sustaining intelligent life, it becomes obvious! The probability of any other planet fitting all the criteria is practically impossible! Gentlemen, the people of Saturn are alone in the universe!"
Floating Toward the Light
"Please describe your experience, Mrs Sloan."
"Well, I found myself floating aimlessly in the darkness. A great sense of calm came over me, and I lost any sense of time or space."
"Did you see anything in the darkness?"
"Yes. Occasionally, I saw winged, cherubic creatures."
"Fascinating! Please continue!"
"I drifted on like this for awhile, unsure where I was, until I saw a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I floated toward the light."
"And then?"
"That was the end. The police came and arrested me. Apparently, nobody is allowed to swim through the Tunnel of Love!"

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