Monday, July 03, 2006

Four Dozen Duckies? Perfect!

Yep, the rest of ducks arrived Saturday, but I didn't get to the Post Office in time. They came in a box too large to fit in any P.O. Boxes, so they were holding on to it for me, but I showed up after the office closed that day, so today I have ducks! Let the quackiness begin! Actually, these don't squeak, but they look cute. (Ziss man--he eez obsessed vith zee rubber duckies! Eet probably steems from heez childhooood. Vee must revert heem und find out!)

The beard is coming back in nicely. I'm not really a big fan of the Freddie the Freeloader look.

A big thank you to the Robinson clan for having me over for "lupper"? What do you call a meal midway between lunch and supper? I'm sure the hobbits have a name for it. They had "second breakfast," so perhaps there was a "second lunch" as well. "Pre-supper," maybe? Anybody know? Anybody?

I read this fascinating article today about a drink that will improve your memory. It was so surprising! You'd never expect that drinking, uh... That is, drinking--eh, er... um...
But, anyway, if you drank it, it would improve your. . . memory! That's it! So, I think we all should be drinking more of that!

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