Friday, June 30, 2006

Inundated by Duckies!

Of little use to your education or edification are these pictures, taken Friday afternoon, of
a couple of the pirate rubber duckies I spoke
of in previous posts. As you can see, they're
about 2 inches long/high.
The second pic is to give you a sense of their actual size.
But who do two-inch pirate rubber duckies rob, pillage and plunder from? Other teeny rubber duckies? Or do they merely pirate CD's and DVD's?
Look into their beady little painted-on eyes, and you'll have your answer! In fact, while your back is turned, isn't there a tiny pirate ship gliding into your house and stealing your booty (as in valuable stuff. It's pirate talk, Matey! Aaarrrr!)? Come to think of it, didn't you leave some precious treasures lying around your house unguarded? It's too late to do anything now! A horde of vicious pirate duckies have swashed your buckle and shivered your timbers--in short (which is the only way you do anything when you're this size), they've robbed you!
Yo-ho-ho! Squeak!

Listening to: "Mambo Mongo," by Mongo Santamaria & friends

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