Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well said!

Well said, Mr Parisi!
You can check out more of his off-the-wall, "off the mark" humor here.

Had some nice storms through here yesterday evening. Wind, weird sky colors, thunder, lightning, rain--the works. The power blinked off around five times, I think. It never really got very cool here, though. I switched off the AC and opened the windows hopefully, but it was just kind of a warm air storm (that's an official, technical, meteorological term, of course; I wouldn't expect you to understand.) True, it was cooler than the heat we'd been experiencing, but still less-than-refreshing. That's right, if a thunderstorm does not compare favorably with a Sierra Mist commercial, I'm just not satisfied!
Possibility of more storms today. Yay.

Listening to: Bob Thompson, "The Sound of Speed"


Stacey said...

I absolutely love storms. I always have, yet I don't know why. Even the sound of crashing thunder lifts my spirits. When rain pitter patters upon the roof, I just simply relax. Storms are very comforting.

Allen said...

Yup. Me too.