Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A few observations

Speaking out against sins--even if they are socially-acceptable, is not Hitler-esque genocide, or even one step from it, no matter how many times you may see it portrayed as such on tv or the silver screen! Those who insist that is so and try to limit such speaking-out as "hate speech" are the true curtailers of free speech!

Americans are getting bigger and fatter, but our electronic devices keep getting smaller and smaller! Eventually, someone's gonna lose their personal computer in a roll of belly fat!

Imagine how much we would know about some ancient civilizations if they had as concerned with preserving historical sites as our modern world is! On the other hand, if they were, would they have run out of building materials?

As of last night, you can now buy booze at 7 am on Sunday morning here. Maybe I should get that for my Sunday School class instead of coffee & donuts. Maybe not. Making something legal is not the same as suggesting it.

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