Monday, August 07, 2006

Four-Day Weekend!

The title reminds me of a scene in a Simpsons cartoon where housewife Marge hangs up the phone and tells her husband, "Homer, that was your boss on the phone. He says if you don't come in to work today, don't bother coming in on Monday." Homer's response? "Woo-hoo! Four day weekend!"

I was helping a friend move, so there was no Friday entry, and regular readers are probably not too surprised to find that there were no weekend entries. A little sunburned and a little muscle-sore, here now is the Monday entry.
But wait, you say smugly, having counted it up on your fingers. That's only three days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Three days. Not four. Your heading is misleading!
Yep. I guess you're right.

Gas prices are fluctuating like some big thing that fluctuates. Maybe a giant laboratory fluctuator. Didn't Lex Luthor use that against Superman once? The Fluctuating Oscillotron, perhaps? Sounds like a good 1950's mad scientist device. Or a fun Carnival ride. "Take a whirl on the Amazing Fah-luctuating Oscillo-tron! No other ride oscillates your fluctuators faster or better--or with as many thrills as the Amazing Fluctuating Oscillotron! Prod your protons! Neutralize your neurons! Electrify your electrons! You must experience this amazing wonder of the atomic age--the Amazing Fluctuating Oscillotron!" With a name like that, I don't care what it does. I just want to ride it!
The state fair is coming up. Maybe they'll have one.

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