Saturday, September 02, 2006

Coming next Sunday!

Next Sunday at Cornland CC will be "Confront Your Brother" Sunday. Has your fellow Christian been treating you in a decidedly non-Christian fashion? Does your brother or sister in Christ live a life that does not honor God? Do you have something to get off your chest? Come blow your stack at them--in Christian love, of course--on Confront Your Brother Sunday!
The following Sunday will be "Confess Your Sins to One Another" Sunday. Have you been harboring secret sins that didn't get "outed" last Sunday? This is your chance to make public confession of those things! We're sure this will be an interesting and lively service, so please join us!
Since that is also church fellowship dinner Sunday, public stonings of the unrepentant will follow the meal. The first stone will be cast by he or she that is without sin. (You know who you are!)

None of these things are actually planned for the near future at Cornland, folks. I'm just kidding! (Although . . .)

See ya' tomorrow.

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