Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've been through the desert on a blog entry with no name...

Well, Sept 11th came and went without any terrorist activity in the U.S. Big surprise.
Tuesday again passes without a blog entry. Again, I am making excuses for that absence. Once more, I am oppressed by the tyranny of Tuesday, and compelled to deny that it was Tuesday's fault! No more! Never again will I turn a blind eye to the abuse that Tuesday dishes out. Will I incur Tuesday's wrath? Almost certainly. But it will be worth it for my own dignity's sake.
Who am I kidding? I just have an allergy to Tuesdays, I guess. To misquote Arthur Dent, "I never could get the hang of Tuesdays." (Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, in case you were wondering)

Went to lunch with C in Springfield, and ran into someone I knew from church. She stopped at our table to say hello, shocked and slightly horrified at seeing me in the same restaurant where she and her party were going to eat. When C asked who that was and where I knew her from, I had a fine few minutes dodging the question, just to let suspense build. (For instance, making gestures to indicate, "I can't answer the question right now, my mouth is full of food." Responding with, "Yes, I know her from. . . [staring off into the middle distance] somewhere." Pausing before answering C's guesses as to where I knew her from. Smiling at the impatient squirming. I'm just slightly sadistic, which is apparent from my subjecting you to this blog.)
Dinner turned into an afternoon of errands, etc, as dinners often do.

Arrived at the apartment (which is a silly name, since they're all stuck together, and not apart at all) to the sound of my phone ringing. My substitute teaching assignment has been moved back a week, so I'll be teaching sooner than I thought. Still waiting on an email regarding the subject matter for that day. (Why are all those JrHighers wandering the halls, muttering in Hebrew? Do we permit davening in the gymnasium? It has a sizeable east-facing wall. In case you're with the school and reading this, I'm just kidding.)

Library board meeting last night. No broken bones or profusely bleeding wounds resulted. They did, however, warn that I would be removed from the board if I had another outburst like that.

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