Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More All Saints Eve memories

Something in yesterday’s post jogged my mind, and both brain cells bumped into each other. After the carnage was removed and the pavement hosed clean, I recalled a rather amusing happening last year, at the end of October.

I was going to preach a sermon on Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones, and so I went out and bought a cheap plastic skeleton. He came apart for storage, and the pieces fit together like children’s pop-beads. I disassembled him, and put all the bones in a grocery sack. Then, I opened my sermon that Sunday by dumping them out on the floor and in the aisle. The plan was that I would gradually re-assemble him over the course of my message. Well, this turned out to be a bit more challenging than I expected, and rather than spend the whole sermon on my hands and knees, I finished part of him, and made some crack about how God can put us together completely, even if I couldn’t put this guy back together.
I had lunch plans, and so I told the folks who were cleaning up the sanctuary not to worry about my prop; that I would come back & get him after lunch. Well, I returned from lunch, and what should meet my eyes but this:

Yep, they had completely re-assembled him, and then seat-belted him into my car!

Yesterday also brought to mind this carved pumpkin, from Masterpiece Pumpkins, the design of which fits my blog name rather well, don’t you think?

Finally, should you be typing the address of my blog, don’t forget the hyphen. There is a different blog at!

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