Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Sunday, come & gone

Yup, Sunday has passed. The sermon was fair. They really ought to fire that preacher.
I got some good work in that afternoon, getting a couple pages of a story written for the Oct 29th sermon. Of course, it's long-hand on notebook pages in my mad-man chicken scratch handwriting. Now I'm trying to interpret it, and type it up in my word processor. If it goes well, maybe I'll post it here after that Sunday. (I know some of you, my dear readers, are regulars at Cornland C C, and I'd hate to spoil it for you.)
The bonfire/ wiener roast/ s'more-fest/ Sunday School class kick-off gala event for the teens went very well, for something so very spur-o'-the-moment. I think the four or five guys that showed up early had the best time of all just trying to get the sucker lit. A lot of the wood we had was still pretty green inside, so that when the fire finally got roaring along nicely, quite a number of the sticks had sap boiling out the ends, fizzing away like some bizarre Willy Wonka confection. Anyhow, by my estimate, we had all but one of the teens in town turn out for the roast. The one missing was sick & couldn't make it. Most of that group are not regular attenders anywhere, so there's plenty of potential young people to draw to Christ, and slackers to help get back in the habit of regular church attendance.


Gregory said...

Allen, where is your church at? I'm pretty sure I pass pretty close to Pawnee when I go up to Chicago or Dubuque, IA. I'd like to stop in some Sunday.

Allen said...

Deceptive as it may seem, though I live in Pawnee, I preach in a little place called Cornland, which is a bit east of Springfield, on Rte 54.

So "Misery" is MO, then?

Gregory said...

You don't even know.

Actually, the rest of Missouri isn't so bad. It's STL that really gets on my nerves. The thug life/ghetto mentality is very prevalent here, and it gets old sometimes. My wife hates it here too.

Actually, we're planning on moving to Dubuque sometime next year.

Gregory said...

Sorry for the double post, but I just Mapquested Cornland. I thought I drove a long way for church. You really drive all that way every Sunday?

Allen said...

Yeah, but it's not as bad as it looks. I-55 on Sunday morning is practically deserted.