Saturday, October 07, 2006

Henry arrives

Due to a miscalculation, Henry's bus came in last night, rather than Saturday. Fortunately, he called me in plenty of time to alter the hotel reservations.
The 11:05 arrived at about 10 minutes 'til midnight.
The Greyhound station in Springfield that late at night is a delightfully Twilight Zone-ish experience. To begin with, it's located in a sort of lonely section of the city. It's precisely the sort of place you would expect a UFO to land or the infamous, believed-long-dead serial killer to show up.
Then you have the small station building itself, which is darkened but for one small light bulb illuminated for security purposes, I suppose. There are seats inside for people to wait on their coach to arrive, but the building is locked after-hours, so it was about as much use to me as a museum exhibit of a bus stop.

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