Friday, November 10, 2006

Achieving Enlightenment Through Apathy

Okay, so now I care about nothing.
I want nothing.
I have apparently achieved total enlightenment.
Big deal.

It's my new Americanized version of Buddhism. I call it "Boredhism." Our symbol of enlightenment shall be Garfield the cat, snug under the covers in his box-bed. Wanting nothing. Needing nothing. Perfectly at one with his cuddly universe.

And utterly useless to his world.


Gregory said...

*Adherents of Boredhism achieve ascension through the Noble Eightfold Armchair of Enlightnment.

*Not one of my funnier comments.

Allen said...

Well, I like that much better than trying to maintain the lotus position.

Oh, and if you're going to reach the cushiony softness of the eightfold chair of enlightenment, then you need to stop wanting to be funnny. Funny is, or is not, depending on how sleepy one is.
I thought it was kinda' funny.