Friday, November 17, 2006

Get an exciting new career in substitute teaching!

I substituted for the Jr Hi Literature teacher, who was out deer hunting today with her husband. (Welcome to central IL!) Did I mention she's eight months pregnant? [shakes head in disbelief.]
We had 4 subs in the Jr Hi alone, that I know of. That's a lot on any given day, and the students get a bit cocky, thinking they can push the limits. Oh well. I had the trouble-makers killed. I have connections, you know, as a small rural town/ small rural church preacher!

Nah, it was a pretty good day. Just a bit long. The weather cleared up some and the kids were able to play outside a while. That helped.
I'm still their favorite sub. Or so they tell me, the little (probable) liars.

Random question on the chalkboard today: What would we call oranges if they were blue?
The correct answer is, of course, that we would call them oranges. They are named for the place they come from. "Orange" is first a place, then a fruit, and then a color.
A close second answer is that we would call them "sad oranges."


Diesel said...

But if they were still called oranges, then what would be call the color? I nominate "pumpkin."

Allen said...

"Pumpkin" is a pretty likely candidate. "Sunset" maybe?

Or "Ned."

Diesel said...

Ooh, I was gonna say "Ned."

Glad you were able to untangle my syntactical disaster in that last comment. :)