Thursday, December 14, 2006

One small step for a blogger...

Spoke in chapel at Springfield Christian School, where I occasionally substitute, yesterday. (Boy! There’s an example in defense of punctuation if I ever saw one!) I used a truncated version of the goose story for the 10-15 minutes allotted me. The first group, the 5th – 8th graders, were quite receptive, since most of them knew me from teaching. The second chapel service was for K – 4th, a truly fun and unfettered bunch! (Seriously! Not a manacle to be seen anywhere!) I even found myself motivated to perform my best goose honk impersonation—which the entire group felt moved immediately to imitate! I imagine that there are some elementary teachers angry with me for the occasional honk emerging from a bored, squirrelly student in a slow moment of the class day later on. Oh well.
Last night was the Pawnee Public Library Christmas party. Interesting. I got to meet spouses and kids of librarians and people on the library board. Had some decent food. Engaged in the occasional jest. Was home by 7:30. Fell asleep watching “Monster From A Prehistoric Planet,” which is as B-Movie-ish as it sounds, but I picked it up for a buck at Target (pronounced “Tar-Zhay”) paired with “Gammera: Destroy All Monsters.” Would someone please pass the nachos? I am overflowing with cheese!

Make sure that you’ve got enough candles!

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Gregory said...

I miss having chapel every day. (:O(