Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Groovy Aid to Prayer?

A friend of my sent me a link to this, um, interesting religious application of computer technology. It's a flash-animated lava lamp, complete with soothing ambient music if you want it. So far, pretty cool.

What you don't know yet is that this is a PRAYER LAVA LAMP! Yup. this snifty animation is created as an aid to prayer. Here's how it works. You click on one of the floating lava globules. That globule opens up into a window into which you can type your prayer. When you are done, the window returns to its shape as a lava bubble and glows briefly before ascending and becoming one with the whole lava blobbiness.

I'm fairly traditional and conservative, but departing from tradition once in a while doesn't generally ruffle my metaphorical feathers. This thing, on the other hand, is a bit "out there" for me. If it helps you with your praying, great! However, I don't figure we'll probably be seeing it used at Cornland CC anytime soon.

Click here to see and use the prayer lamp. Be sure to read the Q&A explanation page before you begin. Especially entertaining and thought-provoking is the answer to "But is this *really* prayer?"
If you just want a cool lava lamp to sit on your desktop, try this one.

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