Monday, January 08, 2007

First Art Appreciation post of 2007

“Perchè il pollo ha attraversato la strada?” unfinished work by Pittore Pigro, 1896. Blogger’s personal collection.

Pittore Pigro, one of the few Italian members of the English Academic Neoclassicists, is best remembered for his depictions of the deep mysteries of life, death, and British cuisine. Pigro began painting "Perche il pollo" in a moment of profound deliberation of one such question, and then moved on to other subjects, leaving the canvas unfinished.
In his journal is found this note regarding the work: "I began [Perche il pollo] as a means of answering this vexing question. Then, one afternoon, Aha! I immediately understood it all and did not need to continue. Perhaps I shall complete it one day, should I need the money."
Apparently, he never needed the money. Click on the picture to view larger.


Diesel said...

The detail on the large version is amazing.

Allen said...

I just wish I knew what old Pittore thought the answer was.