Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A piece of childhood recovered

For those of you who have siblings, you know how everybody's memory of childhood is a bit different. Ask your sibling/s what their favorite memory from childhood was, and you may just hear things that you have no recollection of at all.

For example, I remember that my maternal grandmother used to sing a song about a dog that fell down the stairs and "broke his little leg." I remember that I really liked this song, but I couldn't remember any of it. My sister (my only sibling) doesn't remember this. My mother didn't remember the song when I asked her about it, and nor could my grandfather. I occasionally bring this up in conversations, and I generally get the same response. "No, I've never heard of that song. What a horrid, sick childhood you must have had!"

This morning, I ran a search on the key words I remembered, and, voila!

I had a little doggy that used to sit and beg;
But Doggy tumbled down the stairs and broke his little leg.
Oh Doggy, I will nurse you, and try to make you well,
And you shall have a collar with a little silver bell.

It's an old nursery rhyme, apparently. I've yet to find a tune for it yet, though it's possible that Grandma made up the tune. Oh well...

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