Sunday, February 25, 2007

Additional Insights into Jesus' Claims to Deity

It is occasionally posited by some scholars that Jesus never claimed to be God. However, late last night, I discovered a place wherein Christ claims divinity that I had somehow never noticed before.

In John 15:5, Jesus tells his disciples, "I am divine. You are da' branches."

I'm a bit torn here at the brain lab. On one hand, I want to honor the ancient traditions of the Christian calendar, including even Lent. However, my heart is also very close to the Jewish calendar. This means that on the second Sunday in Lent (March 3rd/4th), we have Purim. If you know anything about how Purim is celebrated, you realize that it's somewhere between Halloween and Mardi Gras. Costumes, masks, drinking, noise-making. (We'll probably not include the drinking, but...) You rehearse the story of Esther, and yell "Boo!" every time the villain Haman's name is mentioned. Good times!

So... We'll have our Mardi Gras a week late and feel twice as bad about it on the following week.

One of my latest experiments has gone horribly awry, so I'll have to spend next week chasing it down and capturing it. Or maybe I'm taking a week off of 'net for penitential fasting. Or maybe my 10th college reunion is coming up this week at my alma mater in Nabonga. Even a disembodied mad scientist's brain has to be sociable once in a while. I'll let you guess.

Darn those Zebras! They need mending again!

A moderate example of the more ingenious comedy to found at


Diesel said...

I never looked at that verse in quite that way. And with good reason.

Happy Inappropriate Card Day, Allen!

Joel Bezaire said...

That wasn't Jesus that said that, Allen.

It was Hay-zus.