Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Allen's Brain's Birthday!

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. It's a celebration of the human propensity to wave palm branches at parades while shouting Hebrew words, like "Hosanna."

Tomorrow's Sermon: "The Lord Wants Your Ass."

It's also April Fool's Day. It is a celebration of the human propensity to play practical jokes on one another; such as sneaking up on people riding unbroken donkey colts and yelling Hebrew words at them while waving palm branches.

It's also my birthday tomorrow (explains plenty, doesn't it?) It celebrates the human propensity to acknowledge that we are getting older by waving Hebrew Lexicons while yelling "Palm branches!"

For no readily apparent reason, allow me to mention


Diesel said...

Did I miss it? Will there be cake?

Allen said...

Afraid so. There was cake, and, had you been in the neighborhood, you could've had some. I still don't think the Happy Birthday song is supposed to end with "Crucify Him!"