Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lightspeed Radio Theater

Narrator: And now, Boys and Girls, as the sun is setting low in the west, and the warm lights of homes begin to twinkle in the darkness, we are reminded that it’s time for another chapter in the exciting adventures of “Urgh, Neanderthal Warrior!”

As you remember, Urgh has been tracking the Bawongo tribesmen who kidnapped his wife Meh. Last week, though, Urgh was attacked by a vicious Saber-Tooth Tiger! Will he get away and survive to rescue Meh from the Bawongos? Let’s listen!

Urgh: Ngh!
Saber-tooth tiger: Snarl! Growl!
Urgh: Ngh-Gurgh! Unga!
Saber-tooth tiger: Rowr!
SFX: Thud!
Saber-tooth tiger: Yelp!
SFX: Rumble! Crash!

Narrator: Oh no! I sure hope Urgh is alright! Do you think he’ll escape? Tune in next week for more nail-biting adventures of “Urgh, Neanderthal Warrior,” on Lightspeed Radio Theater, brought to you by humor-blogs.com!

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