Thursday, April 12, 2007

People were searching for what?

It's time, Boys and Girls, to reveal just how people are finding out about my blog. Yes, that's right. I'm about to list some of the odd search queries that have brought hits to this site.

Unlike some people who put fatuous search terms into their blog entries like "naked scarlett johanssen pics," "Complete light bulb jokes," "free cell phone," "American idol sanjaya," and the ever-popular "liverwurst trophy," I am not a link harlot. So it always interests me to see what people were actually looking for when they discovered the brain lab here.

The biggest search term that pops up is, of course, "Allen brain"--people that are searching for the Allen Brain Atlas. That's understandable. Here's a few more popular ones that baffle me, though:

“Salvish” and “Salvish Army.” Apparently, it isn't just a name I made up for the occasion of a short story I posted here back around Halloween.

"on your toes ode." Is there a poem out there espousing the virtues of being always alert?

"larries movies" and "larries movies com." I've discovered that "Larries" are St Lawrence University students, but beyond that I'm clueless about this search.

"non religious palm sunday cards." How do you celebrate Palm Sunday without the religious implications? And why are you sending a card about it? The mind boggles.

"matzoh pictures." Okay. Guilty. Around Passover, I have mentioned matzoh more than a few times.

"that oughta." This one completely baffles me. I've used this term mid-sentence, but who is looking for just that sentence particle?

No one found my site by looking for, though.


Sher said...

I can totally top you. Because of the words "wiping" and "face" in my title, I get the porn freaks who I am quite certain aren't very happy when they see me...not naked and everything.

Also..."livermush" and "paragoric".


the frogster said...

I love looking at why people visited my site. Your list is great. I took my list and wrote a post about it- it's here. Nice place you've got here. I'll be back.