Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reverend Dilbert's Homily

Check out that last panel! Isn't that the perfect description of how so many folks live their spiritual lives?

If I don't like the advice given me by this person, I'll find other people to associate with who will validate my bad decision.

If my present religion/church tells me that what I'm doing is a sin, then I change churches/ religions until I find one that okays, or at least overlooks, my decisions.

Better yet, I find someone who is a much worse person than I am to become my ethicist! That way, everything I do, every choice I make, seems like the moral high ground! And I won't have to feel bad anymore for thinking/doing what I already know in my heart is wrong!

Better yet, I won't use anybody as my ethicist. I'll be my own moral and ethical authority. That way I'll always be sure I'm making a good decision.


Terry said...

Yep, who you hang out with can sure influence your ethics. And I used to hang out with you and your sister; what does that say about me . . . :wink:

Allen said...

Yeah! And look at you now!
Married to a good guy... raising a child... a productive member of society...
Proof of our corrupting powers at work!
Thanks for stopping by the lab! Remember to place your protective gear in the incinerator on your way out!