Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Prayer of Saint Espressus of Java

We praise thee, O Lord, Creator of the coffee bean, Benevolent Source of the beatific, stimulating qualities of caffeine contained within that holy element, without which regeneration many of thy servants would yet be lying sluggishly in their depraved state of slothful recumbence!

Be merciful to us in those moments before we have had our first taste of that stabilizing beverage, for truly we know not what we do.

Refresh our cup, O Lord, when we are nearly empty.
Fill our nostrils with the rich aromas of thy favor and cause us to sip with gratitude the bold flavors of thy grace!

Impart unto us the daily resurrection that comes with the celebratory imbibing of such hearty roast as we might be blessed to quaff, as we welcome the rising of the glorious sun so very early in the morning!

And may thy carafe of goodness be near to us in all our days, and even to our very end.



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Anonymous said...

I can only see the words if i highlight the screen.

Allen said...

Sorry about that. Is this better?

Adoro said...

Thank you so much and praise God for Coffee!