Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aha! I knew it!

He tried to convince me that he had lots of experience with horses & cattle.
"I'm an old cowhand," he said.
That's when I knew he was bluffing. Everyone knows that cows don't have hands. They have hooves.

Did I ever tell you I was voted "Individual We'd Least Like to Emulate, and Most Like to Immolate"?


Gregory said...

They say that immolation is the sincerest form of...flamery?

I kind of pulled that one out of nowhere.

Seraphine said...

You are thinking of bulls.
Bulls have hooves.
Cows have udders.

HMSnow said...

But doesn't it make sense, since all cattle have only hooves, that some enterprising bovine might want the use of opposable digits? Sometimes even a quadruped just needs a hand.

Allen said...

Gregory, my philospohy is: Make 'em run for their dictionaries. Nice response!

Seraphine, Johnny Mercer originally wrote, "I'm an Old Cow Udder from the Rio Grande," but that didn't rhyme, right?

Hmsnow, Sadly, some of them are all thumbs. To the hapless bovines longing for opposable digits, I give them 2 and 7, which have never liked each other and will bicker all day long.

Boy, do I need to get out more!

the frogster said...

Allen, I think you're thinking of the Mercer tune "Moo River." And it's bison that have hooves. Cows have bells.

Allen said...


Moo River,
Wider than a byre,
My stantion will be pyre,

Actually, both bison and cows have hooves. Moose and elk that have antlers. Or is it lodges that they have?

Technically, cows have calves.