Thursday, September 27, 2007

Also Today...

Today (starting last night, actually) is the first day of the Jewish Feast of Sukkot (say "sue coat.") Most of our English translations render the term "tabernacles" or "booths."

Sukkot is a post-harvest festival that was created to remind God's people of the forty years in the desert after the exodus from Egypt. During that time, the Israelites lived in temporary shelters--Sukkot! Even God dwelt in a temporary shelter: the tabernacle.

During this week, Jews around the world will spend time in Sukkot, (plural form of "sukkah") eating and perhaps even sleeping. Just think of it as a Divinely-appointed camping trip! Since it comes at the climax of harvest, it is an additional reminder that all which sustains us comes from the hand of Divine Providence!

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