Thursday, September 27, 2007

About Yesterday...

No post yesterday, but I have a good--if unbelievable--excuse.

It was a full moon last night, and it was a beautiful autumn evening. The sky was clear, and the crisp air was perfect for being filled with the chorus of howling dogs, coyotes, wolves, and substitute English teachers. The newly-mown cornfields were simply begging to be romped through.

What's really got the police buffaloed is why anyone would take all those corn cobs and pile them into little pyramids all over the empty field: each containing exactly the same number of cobs! Sure, go ahead and laugh! No one ever told me about the consequences of being bitten by a werewolf with OCD. Now, every full moon, my apartment gets really, really neat; misspelled marquees get edited; pet dogs that howl off-key have their throats torn out.

So that's why there was no post here at the Brain Lab yesterday.

What do you mean, I had all of Wednesday's daylight hours to blog? Are you implying that I'm simply lazy?


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