Monday, October 15, 2007

How does that prayer go again?

I came across this on the wall in a Sunday School classroom last Sunday.
If you can't quite make it all out:

Our Farther Witch art and heavn

Howlled be thy Name

Thy kindom come they will be

done earth give in hevan

give us our stay our daily

bread give us our truspasses

give a truspasses agensets

us time and timtation diliver

us from evil dimegton power

and glory aman




HMSnow said...

"Howlled be thy Name"-- this child wouldn't happen to know the woman who sits in the tenth pew from the front (center aisle, pulpit side) most Sundays at my church, I suppose, but as a description of her singing, the phrase very nearly fits. I prefer to just tell myself it's a joyful noise...

Allen said...

"Tenth pew from the front, center aisle, pulpit side": That would be Bertha Bellows, right?

How is Bertha these days?