Saturday, November 03, 2007

Thanks for the warning!

My sister called me yesterday to tell me about the latest odd signage she had spotted.

It was a Long John Silver's restaurant, advertising something called "buttered lobster bites." However, some prankster, I assume--it's frightening to think the employees intentionally did this--had made a slight rearrangement to the letters.

"Buttered Lobsters Bite"

They do. That hot butter being poured on their tails makes them really grumpy! And for the price of a few bucks, they will bite you!

Actually, in the original form, it's almost as funny. Rather than a grave warning, though, it reads more like a headline.

"Buttered Lobster Bites. Three Injured."

"He always seemed pretty calm for a lobster," says Isabel Ortiz. "I never expected he would do something like this."

Isabel's husband Samuel adds, "She poured the butter on his tail, and the thing suddenly went nuts! It was like Dr Lobster and Mr Bite!"

"I think we've all learned something here," states the Ortiz's daughter Anna, the third victim. "Like, don't pour hot butter on your pet lobster, and if you do, keep your fingers away."

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