Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Obnoxious "Christian" Product

Sorry the pic isn't better. I found it in a catalog, but it wasn't featured on the website. In store only, I suppose. Bereft of a scanner, I snapped the pic with my el cheapo digital camera.

It's a parody of Staples "Easy" button, but I gather that when you push this one, the voice chip reads out John 3:16. The button reads, "Heaven... It's EASY!" and then beneath that in much smaller print "John 3:16."


HMSnow said...
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HMSnow said...

My Christian bookstore carried a cheap plastic bat-and-ball set at one point, and (behind the scenes) we the employees decided it would be funnier if we sneaked the bats out of the packaging and stenciled on them, "Jesus wouldn't hit anybody with this."

It would've been preferable to the "Almighty Mints," which had as their motto a repellent misquote about the "breath of the Almighty," or the poker chips with their idiotic religious play-on-words slogans. (Nothing like spicing up your poker games with a little Christian kitsch, right?)

Allen said...

I've always suspected this sort of thing from Christian bookstore employees--though you'd never guess they had a snide bone in their bodies about any of the products they're purveying.

I would have gone with one of texts in Proverbs about "The man who withholds the rod hates his son," or "If you beat the child with the rod he will not die, but you will save his soul."