Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Having won that "cattle on a thousand hills" prize last year...

The other 20 million finalists might as well give up. One of the gold-sticker-laden sweepstakes entry forms and magazine sales pitches that show up just about weekly in most Americans' mailboxes has been sent to God.

American Family Publishers sent its computer-generated entry form to "God of Bushnell," at the Bushnell Assembly of God, a church in central Florida.

"God, we're searching for you. You've been positively identified as our $11 million mystery millionaire," the form read. The fine print showed the Creator was merely a finalist, but the letter encouraged him to try his luck.

"Imagine the looks you'd get from your neighbors … but don't just sit there, God, come forward now and claim your prize."

Bill Brack, the church's pastor, told the Tampa Tribune that he had not yet decided whether the church would enter the sweepstakes. "God already has $11 million," he said.

—Reuters Limited. Leadership, Vol. 17, no. 3.

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